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At the heart of our developments is product, consumer and environmental commitment. Every detail of our products is designed with energy, social and environmental footprint in mind.

Manufacturing facilities Industrial units Warehouses and logistics centers Logistics Street and area lighting Streets and parking lots Multifunctional and sport halls Sport halls Landscape and architectural Water basins
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The idea is to control the lighting level in an energy efficient way, keeping a desired level where needed and regulating it to a minimum where not required. In order to achieve this goal, a single control unit is needed for each lamp. In this way the system can individually control the desired lighting level, adapting the LED illumination according to the environment in which it is installed, by means of light sensors, motion sensors and a smart control system.

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A careful engineering approach from design to production, guarantees the high quality and durability of all our products.

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We produce best-in-class products at highly competitive prices validated by the high technical specifications of the product offering.

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