Street / Аrea LED Lighting Module Raptor DZ-30-V

SKU: DZ-30-V

The street lighting luminaire DZ-30-V is designed perfectly to illuminate streets according to the requirements and applicable methodology of BDS EN 13201-3: 2016 and BDS EN 13201-4: 2016

Technical specifications

Rated supply voltage AC

AC 220-240 V

Voltage range

AC 198-264 V
Working Current (230V 50Hz)
 0.144 A
Active Power 31.5 W
Cos(φ) 0.95
Color Temperature 4000 K
CRI Index 71
Luminous flux emitted 4726 lm
Efficiency 150 lm/W
Operational life

LED (L90)

> 60000 hours

Driver (F10) @tc 85Co /ta 65Co

>50000 hours
Wireless Mesh management
Dimensions 82 x 82 x 293 mm
Weight 1.11 kg
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